The Flight of the Sorceress

The Flight of the Sorceress
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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Maggie from Fredericksburg, Texas Loved Sorceress!

I have finished Sorceress and I am in awe.  Sorceress is a work of art and any award out there for such a book, you should have it!  The story telling, the historical research, the insight and the writing--I am completely blown away.  And the women are such powerful, expressive creatures.  You bring them to life in such a sensitive way.  You are a kind and observant fellow, Barry.

As I was reading yesterday morning, I didn't want to the story to come to an end.  I wouldn't let myself entertain the idea that there would be a completely disagreeable ending to such an incredible story.   I was boo-hooing and could barely read the words and came to the line:
"From that day until this, our people have been doomed to wander, just as we are doing now."

This line so typifies each one of us in some small way, doesn't it?  To be sure, most of us don't experience the horrendous persecution and forced wanderings of the Jews and the women of your story, but each of us wanders, weaving through our lives.  So, though Sorceress is a specific story of long ago, this thread, and others, makes it the universal story of mankind.  I think the ability of a writer to develop that kind of empathy in his/her readers  is one of the main characteristics that creates memorable literature.  

What a gift you have and what a talent you have for developing it.
Maggie Livings, Fredericksburg, TX

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