The Flight of the Sorceress

The Flight of the Sorceress
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Tangent.

Just wanted to give anyone who happens along a tip. I've got a couple of new posts on my regular website, A Gauche Press - What's New. They're free. One's fun, or ought to be if you have any affinity for a sense of humor as warped as mine. The other is more serious and political. I've been moved these last few weeks by the events in North Africa and Wisconsin. I feel that in some ways, these events are a distant progeny of the conflicts that I attempted to address in The Flight of the Sorceress. I am so inspired by the indomitable will and power of plain, ordinary peaceful people when they have just had enough of the oppression that envelopes their daily existence. I think of them as the unsung heroes and heroines of a human spirit that I attempted to evoke on Flight of the Sorceress. My heart and hopes go out to everyone in the streets.

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